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Elite Deluxe

The Elite Deluxe Folding Mobility Scooter is new to the range launched in 2019. Designed with the user in mind it includes advanced and deluxe features providing you with the potential to regain your freedom and independence. Upgrade from the Elite to the Elite Deluxe and enjoy riding in comfort, style and quality.

Discover Luggie

LUGGIE ELITE DELUXE Adjustable handle bar Puncture proof tires With suspension on the front wheels SPECIFICATION: Max. Speed: 6.4kph/4mph Max. Range: 23km/14.4mile (90kg) Length: 99.5cm/39.2″ Width: 50cm/19.7″ Max. Capacity: 145kg/320lb Lithium Battery: 10.5 ah COLOURS Titanium Silver Mineral Grey

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What Makes the Elite Delux

Puncture proof tyres
With suspension on the front wheels
Wider seat for added comfort
Adjustable handlebar
LED display to keep track of your battery life
Maximum speed : 6.4kph/4mph
Maximum range: 23km/14.4mile (90kg)
Length: 99.5cm/39.2''
Width: 51.1cm/20.3''
Maximum capacity: 145kg/320lb
Maximum capacity: 145kg/320lb
Lithium battery: 10.5ah
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